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        I have been a hair stylist and artist for over 25 years. WOW!! I can't believe it's been that long already! Time flies when you're having fun!  I specialize in color application and formulation. I am an educator and vivid color specialist. I have been doing vivid hair since the '90s. Check out my hashtags #vividssincethe90s, #hairartiststephanie and #beautyforashessalonandcolorbar to see my work on Instagram.

         I will turn a drab lifeless style into a natural or funky inspired color with a maintainable haircut. I am known for creating haircuts that hold their shape for long periods of time. I like to create structure within the cut so that it will grow out into a wearable and beautiful style. I encourage using my line of professional products to help maintain your hair love at home.

       I am totally in love with Kevin Murphy styling products! Styling has never been my most favorite, I'm a color and cutting kind of girl, but Kevin Murphy has reintroduced a love of styling for me! I also love the support Neuma shampoos and conditioners give to the hair. If you need your scalp rebalanced, Renue will be your best friend.

Stephanie Jordan
Hair Stylist


  I am located inside

Triple Platinum Salon.

The address is:

412 37th Street South

Birmingham, AL 35222

This will give me time to focus on my large family and doing more hair art and writing.

       My future goal is to focus on education and writing. 

My books:

A Dose of Reality (in person purchase only)

Believing in Boundaries

The Death Tsunami

(click on any book cover and it will send you to the link or you may purchase from me).

If you are a professional stylist and would be interested in a vivids color class, please email me at for information.

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